Choosing The Best Organic Private Label Soap Bars and Other Products Making Your Own Brand

30th Dec 2022

If you are intending to start up a business related to natural organic body wash or skin-care products, this blog is just for you. Even if you have a running business and you want to add a line of any of our products, we are always here to help you, cater your demands and needs, making it easy for you to start up your setup in a better way.

If you want authentic organic products, don’t look here and there, because all our products are plant and nature based and cruelty free too.

We can even customize products according to your requirements, like what type of product you want? need any specific aroma or not? Do you want creams or serums in oil base or gel base? Our team will fully help you attain your goals and help you build up your own brand.

Choose from our wide variety of products available on the site under private label heading and feel free to contact us anytime you want. Here are a few details about our product lines like private label soap bars,serums, toners, creams and many more for your assistance, so check them out!

1- Organic Lip Balm

Mostly lip balms are used in autumns and winters because we experience dry, coarse weather and winds in these seasons but many dermatologists recommend it to use four seasons, throughout the year. Lip balms give you perfect hydration and moisture, making your pout sexy and attractive.

Also it works wonders when your lips become chapped and in worse situations cracked and bleeding too. for best results apply them overnight, and you’ll see a remarkable difference in just one night.

This lip balm comes in a cute, small glass jar packing at a very reasonable price and the best thing about it is that it is organic, which means no artificial ingredients added in it. It has some great qualities of hemp seed oil, as they have a rich profile of nutrients, bioactive compounds, healthy fatty acids and linoleic acid, all are excellent moisturizers and aids in skin cell repairing.

This balm after applying gives you a very cool and icy effect on your lips and if you’re facing any cuts, it will numb that feeling too. The consistency is not too hard or flowy that may be difficult to apply.

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2- Organic Body Butters

If you’ve always used lotions to treat dryness or roughness of your skin and you aren’t familiar with body butters, you’re in for a treat. Body butter is a nutrient dense sort of a cream just like butter, which has natural nourishing oils and butters specially designed to hydrate, protect and nourish your skin in the best way possible.

You can use them in winters, or if you’ve very dry skin or even pregnant ladies to prevent stretch marks when they feel itchiness on their tummy.

Our organic body butter base is organic, made from natural ingredients which helps in soothing the skin, treats mild sunburns, eczema and rashes too. by forming a protective barrier over the skin, you can even minimize the appearance of wrinkles and signs of aging as well.

You can design them according to your demand like in fruit bases, rich in shea or cocoa butter which have vitamin A and E in it, that are proven to improve skin elasticity and therefore helps minimizing the stretch marks and or other related issues.

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3- Organic Orange and Tangerine Conditioner

Applying conditioner is the second step when you wash your hair, the first is using a shampoo, which helps in removing dirt and grim from hair. However, this step is often considered unnecessary and ignored, which is very sad.

As it’s obvious from the name that a conditioner helps in improving the condition of the hair by providing it with the right nourishment and helps keeping hair soft, shiny and manageable. The benefits are not limited as they also help protect the scalp, your hair and nowadays there are conditioners that save your hair color.

Always prefer a conditioner that is made from natural and organic products, because synthetic and specially silicon based products are very harmful for the hair, scalp and even for our body. The best results are embedded in the core of hair conditioners ingredients, so consciously read them before buying any product.

Our conditioner base is overwhelmed by the good qualities of orange and tangerine, which are very good for dandruff and oily scalps specially and have a very nice fruity, zesty smell.

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4- Organic Creams

Under this label we have two different cream bases, one targeting your face and other focusing on the area around the eyes. Our face cream is rich in hemp seed oil that is considered as nature's greatest gift for our skin health.

This cream will help you treat and cure different skin issues and many dermatologists also suggest it as an alternative treatment for acne, eczema or psoriasis because it helps healthy skin cells grow.

Our other cream is an eye cream that has the best qualities of carrot and coffee both of which have richness of antioxidants. Carrots are loaded with Beta-Carotene which protects your eye area from free radicals like air pollution or from harmful sun rays.

They also help in improving skin tone, which reduces dark circles around the eyes. Coffee is also a well-known eye cream ingredient, because it has caffeine in it.

Caffeine helps blood circulate around your eyes and accelerates blood flow that helps reduce dark circles and can do wonders for puffy and tired eyes. It also helps to reduce the chance of developing wrinkles and slow down the process of photo aging as well.

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5- Organic Hemp Deodorant

Everyone sweats, it’s a natural and essential function of our body but we don’t like and enjoy the odor that comes from it at all. Deodorant is a skin product that is merely used to keep your underarms smelling fresh because of sweaty armpits but is it the only use of it?

No, a good deodorant when applied stays effective for between 24 to 72 hours, which means you don’t need to apply it several times in a day. It makes you feel fresh, clean and thus boost your confidence as well. Also, as they’re applied directly on skin, they also eliminate or kill bacteria which is its antimicrobial effect.

Our hemp based deodorant is organic and so it's a safe and skin-friendly product to be used on your skin directly, without thinking twice. Our skin is very sensitive from our armpits especially when we remove hair from that area.

A plant-based, organic product can provide a smooth and supple skin conditioning feeling. Also, many chemical based products turn your skin black or discolored but our deodorant is very safe.

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Summing Up

All our products under the private label are made from natural and organic ingredients, making them safe, gentle and mild for the skin and body. all products are in a safe packing and many bases are at discounted prices, so don’t miss the chance.

We can customize our products according to your needs but we work only with natural ingredients and mostly that are vegan too. We totally discourage animal testing and any ingredients gained from animal sources. Enjoy our products!