We took the sustainability pledge to ensure that no deforestation or habitat destruction is occurring as a result of our purchase of these oils. We are committed and involved with organizations that promote the sustainability of red palm oil.

Q: Is Red Palm Oil good for me? A: Red Palm has the highest amounts of anti-oxidants, carotene and vitamins A and E (tocopherol). Unfortunately, we have become aware of how palm oil production has affected certain areas of our globe.

Q: Is Coconut Oil a form of Palm Oil?
Yes both come from the Palm Tree, just a different tropical plant species. They are both high in the ‘good’ fats that our bodies need. Mooseberry uses only certified organic coconut oil.

Q: How does this affect you as a consumer of Palm Oil?
Please consider stopping use of all palm oil where you do not know its source. Consider taking the Palm Oil Pledge at www.ran.org/palm oil or www.ran.org/palm

Join us in saving our beautiful rainforests and the animals we cherish.

The Mooseberry Team

Read more here about how irresponsible growing and harvesting of CONFLICT PALM OIL in rain forest regions of our globe is causing deforestation and affecting wildlife.

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