Skin Type

Do you use products that are according to your skin type? It is extremely important to only use products that are suitable to your skin type otherwise it can have worsening effects on your skin. Nowadays, finding a natural organic body wash product that are suitable to your specific skin type is quite easy but the issue is that the products are way too expensive to buy every month but Mooseberry offers you a wide range of organic skin care products according to your skin type be it dry, oily, rough, itchy or combination skin.

The Lemongrass toner soap bar is exclusively designed for oily skin which gives a perfect touch of exfoliation. Our anti-itch soap is effective, relieving and oh-so soothing. The Patchouli soap bar is the perfect bar for dying skin and has a sexy scent to it which can awaken your morning and make your nights dreamy. Lastly we have the Finger lake apple bar soap that will smooth away your rough skin leaving it so soft and baby-like.