Exfoliating is a very important step in the very skin care routine as it has tons of benefits. Scrubbing is one of the best products for exfoliating your body and face. I think organic scrubs have the best balance of natural yet necessary ingredients. Organic scrubs from our organic skin care products collection not only remove dead skin from the surface of the skin, but also from deep inside. This in turn increases the skin hydration and healthy glow.

With regular use you will see fewer blemishes, pigmentation and bumps. After scrubbing your lips will look more plump, juicy, pink, soft and hydrated. Organic skin care products like lip scrubs are challenging to make, so Mooseberry offers you the perfect base for lip scrubs that you can simply label with your own private label, just like we offer private label soap bars. You can further personalize it by offering various scents to it and adding organic colors to it. 

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