We all rely heavily on deodorants, anti-prepriants and other products to remove body odor. These products can be really harmful for our skin as they can contain heavy amounts of alcohol, chemicals and other such substances to prolong the time of freshness and longevity which commercial companies can boast about. Although deodorants do have many health benefits like reducing sweat, killing bacteria, increasing skin acidity and so much more, these benefits are best achieved with organic products as you get the best ingredients. As deodorants can penetrate into your skin, the harmful chemicals can even cause cancers! Moreover, these mass produced products can cause serious discoloration in these areas which is very unpleasant.

Organic products are free of all such nasty ingredients without compromising one bit on the effect! Mooseberry has another amazing ingredient in their deodorants that take it to the next level, hemp oil. Yes the hemp oil balances the ph level of the skin which minimizes the body odor and also enhances natural body scent. If you are a new company looking to make it big in organic skin care products, we provide you the best products which you can sell as your own. We offer a wide range of products for the private companies like private label soap bars, lotions, oils, creams, balm , deodorants and so much more. It can be very hard and budget squeezing to not only produce the products but also market and then sell them so let’s help you by providing amazing quality organic products!