Our scalp is part of our skin, it's just hidden under a thick cover of hair and we often mix our scalp type with our hair type. Both these are two different things and should be treated like that. Conditioners go from the mid-hair to the ends whereas the shampoo is for the scalp, hair roots and mid-hair. If you want to have rich, healthy and glowing hair you need to have both these in your hair care regime.  Our organic hair products specially organic conditioners are the best for your hair as they don’t have any harsh, synthetic chemicals stripping them from their natural moisturizer. Organic conditioners are also anti-inflammatory and rich in nutrients, vitamins, naturally extracted oils and have an amazing fragrance.

Mooseberry likes to take things up a notch as we introduce tangerine and grapefruit organic conditioner. This product is one of a kind as it is packed with the goodness of vitamin A and C that helps boost the hair growth as well as makes hair shining, glowing and super rich. Both grapefruit and tangerine promote healthy circulation and toning of the hair which in turn replenishes the moisture making your ends tangle free, split end free and so beautiful. The good news is that this very special product is also up for grabs for private companies. Just like we offer private label soap bars, oils lotions and balm we also offer conditioner and other hair products. So if you want to give your customers the true feel of organic products, we are the perfect choice.