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Wholesale Mooseberry Baby Wash

Mild Baby Wash in our Baby Lavender made with only the finest natural organic sustainable oils. Made in large quantities for stores or private label.

Camp Soap Bar & Outdoor Product Line

Bugs Hate it, You Love it! - Organic Oil Recipe blended with the right properties to repel mosquitoes, black flies and ticks."I take this camping every year and it really works!" James G.

msc-bar-sandalwood-vanilla.jpgSandalwood Soap Bar

The pure woody smell of sandalwood balanced with vanilla bean over organic oils.


Soap for Itchy Pets

Soothe dryness and itching with your pets. Keep their coat soft and smelling beautiful.

18 Best Sellers

Can't decide? Try one each of our Best Sellers.

An Array of Bathing Beauties

Invigorate, Tone and Soothe Skin -Lemongrass Toner, Spearmint with Peppermint Leaf, Coconut Cream and Ocean Lavender.

Ocean Lavender w txt JPG.jpg

As moisturizing as a cool breeze on the ocean, wick away dead skin with Himalayan sea salt. Feel the whipped organic coconut oil on your skin. Enjoy the changing natural blue colors of clay that detoxes and purifies.

Rich Body Butters

The creamiest body butters with organic coconut oil and shea butter whipped to perfection -- available in Coconut Cream, Honey Almond, Vanilla Bean, Ocean Lavender, Unscented and Private Label Scents.

Oranges, Apples & Squash, Oh My!
Natural Creams Made to Order

Organic oils, green tea, vitamin e, aloe, hemp, carrot seed, rosemary, essential oils Talk to us about custom creams and lotions.


Sugar Scrub

Organic raw sugar is ground to perfection and added to our organic oil blend (jojoba, argan, grapeseed, olive and custom blends.) Refreshing while wicking away rough spots on elbows and feet. Private Label Scrubs Available.

Garden and Anti-itch Soap Bars

Wick away greasy grime from the outdoors and protect from exposure to plants like poison ivy, leaving hands moisturized and beautiful. Raspberry Mint Garden Soap with crushed walnut hull and vanilla bean 'crust'.












Hotels, Favors, Amenities

Contact us today to discuss your options. Mini Bars, body lotions and wash for your hotel or bed and breakfast.

Adirondack Forest & Sage

Bring the Adirondacks to your doorstep with our rustic, woodsy bar. A touch of sage, organic oils, crushed walnut and pine. Smells great while naturally repelling bugs.



Wild Mooseberry Lip Balm

Try all of them including Vanilla Bean & Natural Beeswax.

Coconut Cream

Coconut Cream Bar - Beautiful creamy white bar so rich and moisturizing.

Balsam Pine Swirl Soap Bar

A rustic woodsy smelling bar that is great on your skin. Balsam naturally repels insects.