Are you a dog mom? Is your furry friend suffering from merciless scratching, itching and licking? Do you wish to calm your pet down and make his suffering go away? Well, don’t fret, we are here to save the day! Parasites like ticks and fleas are common among pets like dogs due to their outdoorsy nature. These parasites are omnipresent in the outside world, ready to cling on to your pet and suck its blood causing it extreme pain, uneasiness, pale guns, hair loss and constant aggravation in behaviour which can be dangerous for the pet owners as well. If you want to end your pets suffering and don’t want to pay huge veterinarian bills then it's time to use organic flea powder by Mooseberry. 

The organic pet care products like pet soaps, pet balms and pet powders are a great preventive measure that will ensure that the pet never suffers from this problem and if it does, you can nip the problem in the bud. The organic flea powder is made with the best ingredients that will magically cure the flea and tick problem and also prevent it from happening again. It is made with the best organic ingredients like Diatomaceous Earth, Arrowroot aka corn flour, organic clays, botanicals and the best thing is this powder is completely talc-free so it only benefits your pet, without any harmful side effects. So if you truly love your four-legged friend and don't want it to suffer then the organic flea powder is your best friend along with other amazing range of pet products.


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