Itchy Pets

Our little furry friends are adorably cute and friendly, making us feel loved, wanted and cared for but sometimes they need that care back from us. Itchiness and scratching are common among pets like cats and dogs due to various reasons. The constant state of itchiness can make your pet cranky, irritated, unpredictable, violent and even dangerous if nothing is done about it. Don’t make your pet suffer so much and take it up right away by regular use of organic pet care products and regular doctor’s visits. There are various reasons why your pet can be scratching itself mercilessly. Fleas, environmental conditions and even food habits contribute a lot in making your pet scratch, itch and lick itself vigorously a little too often. 

If you’re a dog parent and can’t see your furry friend suffer like that, it's time to switch to organic and natural pet care products. Mooseberry is one organic product company that not only makes quality products for humans but also for humans best companions, its pets. The itchy soap is packed with the goodness of jewel weed that calms the itching and it is absolutely safe for humans as well. Furthermore it has a blend of  organic oils such as olive, sunflower and coconut. It also has antibacterial properties of the lemongrass, turmeric and plantain. The walnut extract is great for rubbing and exfoliating. You can wash your pet with this soap on every bath and then apply our balm to places that have been scratched brutally.