Dog Wash

Just like we need to give special attention to the shampoo and body wash for our little ones, we need to pay heed to what we use on our furry friends. The skin is the largest organ of not only us humans but also animals and their furry coat is more sensitive, thin and prone to infections. Organic pet care products like dog wash are important to protect the fur coat of the pets as this is their protective layer that keeps them warm, cosy and comfortable. Using chemical based shampoo and washes for pets can be perilous for the skin. If you notice that your pet is scratching more than usual due to some itchiness, uneasiness, or irritation you must pull the plug on the dog wash you are using.

Brands like Mooseberry offer amazing pet care products that are of top quality and made with 100% organic ingredients which are the safest like certified organic oils or coconut, safflower and olive along with sugar alcohol, xanthan gum, natural gel preservative. Apply the dog wash on your pet to give them a feel of your love and care. The natural ingredients will work their magic and leave the fur coat soft, luscious, fluffy and moisturized. The formula is absolutely tear-free, free of all harmful substances as well as NonGMO, gluten free and vegan. You can find this dog was unscented or give a refreshing feel to your furry friend with scents like lavender-lemongrass.