Repellent Balm

The love and admiration organic products are getting is unparalleled. Organic products are replacing the mass-produced, chemical based products at a rapid speed which means people just want the very best for their skin and body. Balms are a product that are underrated but the people who know the benefits of a good balm just can’t turn their backs to it any more. Organic balms are made with all natural ingredients which are packed with the goodness to make your skin super soft and baby-like. You can find balms for almost every purpose nowadays, making your life super easy and convenient. 

Unlike our camping body soap bars, mooseberry also has its collection of balms from bug balms to warming balms to anti-itch balm and everyone's favorite sleeping balm. These sleeping balsam are great for organic aromatherapy, its soothing smell and texture is a treat for agitated nerves. The bug balms and anti-itch balms are also very useful when stepping outside or going for camping trips and the warming balm can be your best friend when you are tired, sore or if you have inflamed muscles. All these balms smell amazing, keep you relaxed and do their respective jobs brilliantly. Get yours today to see the difference in the quality and how it changes your life!