Camp Lotion

You may find aisle upon aisle filled with body care lotions, but none of them can offer an ounce of what an organic lotion can offer you. With people getting more and more aware of what the mass produced chemical based skin care products are all about, the bigger the shift we are witnessing. Organic body care lotions have all the health and skin care benefits that are claimed by these companies but fail to provide. Mooseberry is a company that not only provides you with body or skin care products they also have products specially designed for specific needs like a camping body soap, camping body lotion, camping repellent and others. 

Camping is a favorite activity of every American household, especially in summers but outdoor activities come with their fair share of adrenaline, adventure and allergies. Bug bites, mosquitos, flies, jiggers and ticks are all your uninvited companions but don’t worry! The Mooseberry organic camp lotion and spray are for your rescue. This lotion has a certified blend of organic coconut, jojoba and olive extracts along with essential oils that naturally repel bugs. This lotion will leave your skin silky smooth, with no harmful chemicals or toxins. The best part is that it works for all skin types and for all ages!