Camp Kits

Summer time calls for camping and who doesn’t love a little adventure, a raw taste of nature and a getaway from the busy lifestyle. Parents can finally sigh in relief as no gadgets work there in the wilderness and you have your children's undivided attention but camping can become a little daunting if the right gear and protective measures are not in place. This is where Mooseberry’s camping kits come in, this thoughtful kit has everything you need in order to protect your family from those nasty bug bites, mosquitoes and other things. Furthermore we have specially designed products that are repellent to the bugs but have no harmful effect to the humans. Our camping kit includes camping body soap that the bugs hate and you’ll love.

It has camping lotion spray that keeps you fresh, hydrated and moisturized all the while keeping the bugs away. We also offer anti-itch soap in the kit that soothes the skin in case of a rash or bug bite. You can also have an organic sleep balm in the kit that will help soothe your nerves and keep you calm, relaxed and stress-free which is the main motive of a vacation, right? This camping kit is a must have as it will have you sorted for all the essentials and you don’t have to worry about sourcing different things. Moreover, all the products are 100% organic which makes the whole purpose even more justified as it will surely bring you super close to nature!


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