Shaving Cream

Shaving is something that people think comes naturally to all men but that isn’t the case at all. The series of cuts, burns, nicks and rashes are gotten over before shaving like a pro. Mooseberry understands you and your needs, the organic shaving cream is the answer to all your sufferings. A good shaving cream is a layer of protective defence against the sharp blade.

It ensures that the blade glides smoothly over the hair without any friction or resistance. Organic shaving cream also soothes any redness, burns or irritation when shaving the hair. The commercially produced shaving creams have all kinds of chemicals that strip away the natural moisture of the skin, making it tingle and irritating. It also burns in case of any cuts or nicks which can be really painful. 

Organic skin care for men by Mooseberry has shaving creams that are made with all-natural and organic ingredients that will do all the things that every commercial shaving cream does but it will do a lot more. Ensuring that the moisture of the skin stays put, leaving your skin nourished, smooth and soothed. It also doesn’t discolour your skin even with regular use like all chemical based shaving creams cast a green hue on the skin.

The organic shaving creams are made with organic essential oils, with no trace of any sulphate, guten, GMO. It is also free of paraben, cruelty free and the packaging is also eco-friendly.