Beard Soaps

What to have an affordable, organic solution for your facial hair care needs? Well Mooseberry is to your rescue! With a huge range of the best organic skin care for men, we have your back for almost every need you have. Soap bars are something we can all relate to, even though we have grown out of them but it's time to get them back in the game! With the biggest, most versatile range of soap bars, Mooseberry now has the most extensive range of beard soap bars.

Brimming with the goodness of several amazing organic ingredients, you can now enjoy a super luscious beard within your budget. Beard soaps are the best way to deep clean your beard, every morning, during showers or before calling it a day. The deep lather that it produces makes you feel super fresh and crisp. 

Mooseberry has a range of 5 amazing beard soaps, each having a unique quality to cater every beard needs. The Birch soap bar with hints of vanilla is great for deep exfoliation of the skin and the beard. It also has antibacterial properties. The comfrey and mint soap bar is the ultimate refreshing bar that you can find.

The mahogany and hemp soap bar is an all-in-one kind of bar with a rich potent scent of citrus and bergamot, very manly and sexy. The cedar and hemp soap bar is great for strengthening the hair follicles and last but not the least the fir wood soap bar is your ultimate choice for stopping hair breakage.