Beard Oil

Just like our hair on head needs oil for nourishment, hydration and better growth, facial hair also demands the same care. Mooseberry is resilient and ardent about providing organic skin care for men that is affordable. With a big range of products available for men, beard oil is a step towards a healthy, nourished, hydrated and thick facial mane. The organic hemp beard oil is jam packed to the brim with goodness of organic blend oils like hemp, jojoba and sunflower, each doing what they do best.

The specially designed dropper style bottles allows spot oiling as well as cleaner placement which is very important as the run-of-the-mill bottles can have spillage while applying. The bottle is made of glass that gives it an exquisite feel and luxurious look. The hemp organic oil in the beard oil by Mooseberry deeply hydrates and nourishes the beard, keeping it healthy. The jojoba oil is a clear winner when it comes to soothe itchy skin area, which can be very often as a beard is a house of many things during a day. It also prevents beard from getting beardruff, similar to dandruff.

Lastly it has the goodness of sunflower oil that tames the beard, makes it more manageable and also keeps flyaway hair at their place. The organic hemp beard oil by Mooseberry comes in several scents, as we all know how important it is for men to smell amazing. The stubble on men is a must so take good care of it!