Beard Balm

Want to have a thick, intense, luscious and illustrious mane? Well that dream is not far away with Mooseberry’s organic beard balm. Unlike beard oils, moisturisers and containers, beard balms are wax based products that allow the user to shape, maintain, tame and grow according to their preference. No one likes to apply chemical based, strong hold products that make the beard hair feel more like needles rather than a soft gathering of hair. The main ingredient of these beard balms is wax, beeswax to be precise, making a perfect organic skin care for men to use in their daily life.

Beeswax gives a firm hold to the bread but upon touching the hair feel like hair and not like needles. Beeswax is also great for improving hair growth, making the skin area around it soft and healthy. Along with beeswax, Mooseberry’s beard balm has essential butters such as shea butter which consists of vitamin A, E and F. These vitamins make the skin under the beard soft, less itchy and also combats breradruff.

The thick hair growth of the face can also be home to fungus and bacteria growth so in order to keep it fresh and clean, mooseberry has added essential oils in it that acts as antiseptic eliminating all kinds of bacterias. Essential oils also give the beard a soft scent that makes it fresh and refreshing. Mooseberry sells this miracle product in bulk as well, which means you can take the base from us and make it your very own! 

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