Welcome to Mooseberry Soap Company LLC

Located in the heart of the Finger Lakes region of New York State!

Now with a new location at 6341 Ontario Center Road, Ontario, NY 14519

Since early 2009, I have been creating soaps and body care using organic certified oils, hand grown herbs & spices and rich local butters, gleaned from local farms in the Finger Lakes and central New York, where fruits and vegetables abound. A squash, pumpkin or handful of berries is transformed into a lotion, cream or artisan soap, each one chock full of properties that are amazing on the skin.


In 2014, I travelled to Sicily, where I imagined how my grandparents must have lived, worked, worshiped, and of course, cooked and baked, and perhaps made soap. I believe it is my heritage that gives me my flair for developing unique, new recipes and it is my passion that keeps me going.

At Mooseberry, we have been living our mission “What goes on our body should be as good as what goes in”, long before the notion became popular in today’s organic market place. That’s why our products are real & sustainable, rustic & luscious.

Distribution of Mooseberry products now extends throughout the US, Canada and Eastern Europe in specialty shops, stores, online and behind national & international private label products. We hope you will enjoy our diverse product lines from artisan soap and body wash to baby wash & pet products to shaving & beard, camping & outdoor and beyond.