Conditioner soap bars are the new sustainable substitutes of the mass produced commercial ones which are hardly effective. Mooseberry is your ultimate one-stop shop for all your organic hair products needs. Supplying their customers in both retail and bulk quantities of the conditioner soap bars and conditioner bases, made with top tier organic ingredients at an affordable price.

The conditioner soap is great for all hair types, so buy organic essential oils packed for that luscious look and cleaner feel. You can find these conditioner bars and bases in 4 different scents citrus, lavender, lemongrass and coconut. The fresh citrus gives your hair the much needed vitamin C that makes your hair shiny and rich. The lavender scent stays put all day long in your hair making your hair feel so refreshing and happy. The best part of lemongrass essential oil is that it supports natural hair growth while soothing the scalp from any itchiness, irritation or discomfort.

It is also great for dandruff that makes the scalp quite itchy and discomforting. Lastly we have the OG scent of coconut and coconut extracts that makes hair glossy as it seals the moisture and locks in all the goodness of the conditioner bars. The best part is that if you have dry skin, it works just as fine on skin as well, as all the ingredients are natural! Enjoy the amazing feeling of clean, manageable and light hair everyday with our condition soap bars only at Mooseberry! 


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