Soap Bars

Probably the biggest, the most authentic, inclusive and affordable range of soap bars is offered by Mooseberry. They have a soap bar for every skin type, skin problem or skin need you can think of. From the wide range of 23 soap bars you’re sure to find the one that matches your vibe every single day.

Soap bars are one of the oldest organic body care products which were used for all kinds of body skin problems. We try to offer the same kind of experience with our soap bars so that you find a one-stop solution to all your needs without the hassle of opening several bottles right at the beginning of your day.

Our soap bars range from exotic scents to luscious textures to mesmerizing feels to silky soft application to gentle exfoliation of your skin. We have soap bars that are a great alternative to shaving creams, toners, scrubs and even scents.