An all-natural organic body wash scrub is absolutely important to have as part of your skin care routine. An organic scrub helps in thoroughly removing all dead skin, oil, dirt and other impurities stuck in the pores which obstruct the way for healthy, glowing skin. The gentle exfoliation of the whole body is not only relaxing but also therapeutic as it helps regain your healthy complexion tarnished by accumulation of impurities and makes you look refreshed and youthful again.

The natural and organic whipped sugar scrub by Mooseberry is one of the best organic skin care products offered in the market. Made with organic sugars, essential oils and whipped to perfection for that ultimate smooth texture and application. You can choose this scrub in three amazing scents-Triple citrus, Vanilla bean and ocean lavender. Apply it generously on the entire body at least 2 twice a week and on targeted areas every other day to see the desired results.