Craving to have silky, smooth and baby-like skin all year long? Well, the wait is over and so is your search for the affordable natural organic body wash products that you can slather on and not worry about it being too tacky or too absorbent. Mooseberry offers you an ultra-nourishing and moisturizing formula enriched with shea butter, a natural skin softener along with other amazing ingredients that will enrich your skin from within.

The lotion is available in retail as well as in bulk quantity. You can choose the lotion unscented or from 13 other amazing, organic and all-natural scents like Apple quinoa, Vanilla musk and wild lilac. The other best thing about our lotion and other organic skin care products is that they have a good shelf life, even though they are made with 100% organic ingredients, this is because we use the best quality ingredients no matter what!