The Best Natural & Organic Hair Products You Should Try!

7th Sep 2022

Buy organic essential oils Just like clean and organic skin care was a dream just 10 years ago, hair care is facing the same fate today but things are changing for good, slowly but surely. We all have witnessed the evolution of organic skin care and how far it has come in terms of accessibility, availability, variety and pricing.

Well, organic hair products are also very high on demand and soon we will be able to find the correct hair product for our scalp type, hair type and what problem we want to target. With companies like Mooseberry pushing the envelope to give everyone affordable yet high-quality organic products is how we will achieve the cumbersome task of making organic hair care a norm.

Creating organic hair products is no easy feat, it’s a herculean task to say the least, mostly the mass produced hair products available in the aisles of supermarkets are mere detergents packed with harmful chemicals and toxins like Sulfate, cleaning agents, conditioning agents, colors and fragrances for mass appeal and commercial value.

They do nothing good for the hair, in fact whatever they do is bad enough to strip away the protective layer of the scalp letting these toxic chemicals penetrate right into our body.

The best products for our hair are the ones that naturally protect our hair, making them shine bright with volume. In this article, I will be telling you about 3 such amazing organic hair products that will change your hair game forever!

1. Organic Citrus Shampoo

Although there may be a ton of choices in commercially produced shampoos, none of them can dare to come close to what organic shampoos can offer. The thing about organic shampoos is that they are made with 100% pure natural ingredients which means no harmful substances are present and no such ingredients are there which can harm you. Organic shampoos work for all hair types and scalp issues due to the natural properties.

The organic citrus shampoo is an amazing botanically derived product that helps create a deeply invigorating lather, gently cleaning all impurities and build-up in your hair locks. It contains hemp seed oil and buy organic essential oils which is known for its hair stimulating and strengthening abilities. 

The hemp seed oil deeply rejuvenates the hair follicles, grooming the scalp for luscious hair and it also absorbs omega3 and omega6. This oil also helps in restoring the shine and vitality of the hair for a longer period of time. 

A beautiful blend of hemp seed oil, sunflower oil, soy protein, Coco betaine and aloe Vera ensures that the scalp is given the best foods to nourish and sustain all kinds of weather and conditions. 

Whereas the Vitamin C and Vitamin E are infused in this shampoo to regulate the natural oil of the scalp not making it too dry and itchy or too oily and sticky. 

The citrus part of the shampoo comes from tangerine and grapefruit extracts that are great for all hair types. These are super gentle on the scalp, have pain relieving properties as well as it lessens overall inflammation of the scalp. 

But the most important thing that citrus extracts does is that it naturally clears the scalp of all impurities and kills any harmful bacteria that can cause dandruff, itchiness or dullness. 

The tangerine and grapefruit extracts very effectively deodorizes your scalp as well that will leave it odor free for several hours. Furthermore the citrus shampoo is cruelty-free, paraben-free, and Sulfate-free and has no artificial coloring or fragrance. It is the perfect choice for all hair types, lengths and scalp issues.

You can also use this shampoo with color treated hair, in fact it will give the hair the much needed boost of Vitamins to ensure it stays healthy and shiny after the chemical treatment of coloring the hair. This citrus shampoo is a beautiful concoction of organic botanicals and scents to give your day a refreshing start!

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2. Conditioner Bars

When talking about hair products, conditioner is just as important to the hair as the shampoo is. Shampoo is important to clean and clear the scalp of all impurities so that it looks fresh and bouncy but the conditioner ensures that the hair looks smooth, detangled and in control.

We all know conditioners are expensive, thanks to the commercially produced ones sold in small bottles for a whopping price tag that makes it almost hard to maintain a routine of using them.

But Mooseberry is one company that not only wants to give you the best organic hair products but also at a price point that allows you to use it in routine.

Just like we have shampoo bars, we also have conditioner bars, yes! They can be used just like the shampoo bars but this time the focus of the bar should be on the tips rather than the roots.

Let it do its magic for a couple of minutes and then you can rinse it off for the most amazing, smooth and shiny hair feels.

The conditioner bars available at Mooseberry are a perfect alternative to your chemical conditioners. These are affordable, last a long time and can sit on the soap dish like any other soap bar does.

This conditioner bar can be used for kids, adults, men and women as it has all natural ingredients so no harmful effects. In fact the best thing is that you can also use this bar on your body if you feel that it needs some extra love and hydration. See that is the amazing thing about natural products, they can be used diversely!

Coming back to the conditioner bar, it is available in 4 different scents to give you a choice of how you want to feel that particular day.

The fresh triple citrus pairs perfectly well if you choose the above citrus shampoo, the lemongrass conditioner bar helps to soothe any itchiness on the scalp and relieve any irritation. It also promotes hair growth and strengthens the hair follicles.

The lavender conditioner bar gives a very beautiful smell to the hair and it also has antimicrobial properties. And the coconut one helps in preventing mid hair breakage as well as tames frizz very effectively.

The best thing about the conditioner bars is that it is great for the planet as well, it roughly lasts you around 2-3 months and there is no packaging wastage as well!

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3. Shampoo Bars

Just like I can’t rave enough about the conditioner bars, we also have a wholesome variety of shampoo bars that have all the benefits of a normal shampoo and a lot more to offer. A top choice of all eco-conscious customers, shampoo bars are inexpensive, eco-friendly, easy to use and most importantly are made with 100% organic ingredients.

These shampoo bars are very gentle on your hair and scalp, as they are free of all surfactants like Sulphate and parabens.

These harsh chemicals do no good to your hair, in fact they strip away the natural protective layer, leaving it exposed to these harmful chemicals to get penetrated in your skin.

People are skeptical about making a change but when the change is life-altering then you must take the plunge. The soap bars offered by Mooseberry aren’t just good at what they claim to be but they’re also extremely cute, aesthetic and beautiful to display in your bathrooms.

No one wants to rummage through a bunch of bottles to get the correct shampoo, its time-taking, irritating, occupies too much space and isn't at all pleasing to look at.

The organic soap bars we offer are easy to pick and beautiful to look at. Keep the shampoo bar in a wooden soap dish and see how minimalistic yet aesthetic your bathroom looks.

Another great thing about the shampoo bars is that they last a long time, much more than your usual shampoo bottle does. In fact if your average bottle last a month, the shampoo bar will last you 2-3 months at half the price!

Not only do the organic shampoo bars packed with natural and organic goodness they smell amazing as well which means your hair and body will smell amazing as well.

Yes I said body because these bars are multipurpose and can be used on body as well- quick, easy and convenient! We offer them in 4 amazing scents- Lemongrass, Ocean lavender, and Sandalwood Vanilla and Sea buckthorn. You can also use these bars for traveling purposes as they are small and take far less space in the luggage.

These shampoo bars are also great for our planet as there are no mass production involved, no chemical wastage and even the packaging of these bars is far less damaging to the environment, so make a better and more thoughtful choice!

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A good hair day automatically translates into an amazing day for every one of us. Make sure your hair shines bright, looks luscious and always manageable with organic hair products offered by Mooseberry.

It’s time to make a switch towards a better and more sustainable choice of hair products and organic is leading the way!