Private Label Soap Bars: Different Soap Bars Available at Mooseberry

1st May 2023

A very common toiletry product seen and used in every place, say it your home or any other outdoors or indoors. Every gender, every age group is using it to wash and clean their hands, face and bodies while taking a shower, but have you ever realized, a product that is chemical based and which is used regularly, can be very harmful for our skin, body and environment too. A soap strips away all the moisture and natural oils from the skin, leaving it dry and chapped.

Whereas organic soaps are also known as real soaps because they’ve some amazing qualities in them. Organic soaps are super moisturizing because they’ve large amounts of glycerin and other hydrating ingredients that are skin friendly.

They don’t have any chemicals which are dangerous for our skin, they smell great as many essential oils are added in it and yes they’re safe and gentle. We have a huge variety of private label soap bars on our site, to cater different skin issues and types and all are at very economical prices as well.

1- Conditioner Bars

A very common toiletry product seen and placed in almost every washroom and used by every gender, every age group is using it to wash and clean their hair after applying shampoo while taking shower, but have you ever realized, a product that is chemical based and which is used regularly, can be very harmful for our skin, body and environment too.

A commercial conditioner strips away all the moisture and natural oils from the skin, leaving it dry and chapped. Bars are easy to carry while traveling and don't have a chance of leakage and dripping.

Whereas organic conditioner bars are also known as real conditioners because they’ve some amazing qualities in them. These are super moisturizing because they’ve large amounts of hydrating ingredients that are skin and scalp friendly, leaving your hair silky, smooth and manageable. They don’t have any chemicals which are dangerous for our skin, they smell great as many essential oils are added in it and yes they’re safe and gentle. 

Our conditioner bars come in different scents such as lemongrass, lavender or citrus whichgives a very refreshing and zesty smell. You can also use them on color treatedhair and it’ll not cut your color or destroy your hair texture, instead it’ll help you have shiny and lustrous hair.

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2- Make up Remover Soap Bar

Every woman loves to get ready and do make up to look beautiful and lovely. Makeup not only helps them to look good but also covers flaws of your face like covering spots, acne marks or dark circles.

When we do make up, we apply several products on our face like moisturizers, serums, then primer and then foundation to make it look the best. Even after putting these basic products, we apply different things to enhance our features amazingly but at the end of the day, we need to clean our face and get rid of all these chemicals that have resided in our skin.

Usually we need to do a double cleansing method, to remove makeup from our skin but what if I give you another best alternative and that is our make-up remover soap bar. This soap bar is easy to use and is effective and economical as well.

This soap bar is fragrance free, so anybody can use it, people with any type of skin type, even sensitive ones. This soap guarantees to remove the toughest make-up from your skin and it has some best organic nourishing ingredients in it like organic sunflower oils and soothing clays.

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3- Lavender Soap Bar

Lavender is used as an essential oil which is made from the lavender plant. People use it to promote relaxation, calmness and improve sleep and it may also help treat certain skin conditions too.

This oil is also famous for organic aromatherapy oil . It also adds flavor to many edible products and its fragrance is also used in many soaps and cosmetic products. lavender oil is anti-inflammatory, has antimicrobial, antibacterial and antifungal properties that are best for our skin and their problems. It is best for eczema, dry skin, acne prone skin, wrinkles and skin lightening and scars.

However, you can’t use this oil directly on your skin or adding large amounts of it in soaps could be dangerous, so it’s well blended by certified organic sunflower oil, organic hemp seed oil, organic butters and indigo to give it a beautiful lavender color just like its flowers.

All the ingredients mentioned above have very good qualities for your skin. This bar comes in standard large sizes of 5.5 to 6 ounces. You can even buy it wholesale with tax ID available too.

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4- Comfrey and Mint Soap Bar

As known from the name, this soap has two main ingredients, that is, comfrey and mint. comfrey has a very old history of over 2000 years. It has the best quality to help speed up the natural replacement of cells and encourage new tissue growth.

It keeps your skin hydrated, plump and dewy glow. It is beneficial for all skin types, moisturizes and soothes dry skin, promotes skin renewal, protects against bacteria and keeps skin healthy.

Another ingredient used is mint which is peppermint and spearmint, which is used in combination. Mint leaves are a key component in a spectrum of beauty products from soaps, shampoos and conditioners.

These bright green, aromatic leaves are loaded with impressive nutrients that are good for maintaining skin and hair health. The goodness of menthol and antibacterial properties of mint leaves work as an excellent cleanser, astringent, toner and moisturizer. This can be used for camping body soap and also used in organic pet care products .

This soap comes in a combination of hemp seed oil, sunflower oil, spirulina, all which are organic and derived from natural sources. This soap comes in standard size and can be used as private label soap bars .

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5- Whipped Shampoo Bars in Natural Scents

You may always see a liquid shampoo to wash and clean your hair. our soaps are not just for washing hands or cleaning your body, they are also specially designed for your hair as well which are known as whipped shampoo bars.

These shampoos and conditioners are organic hair products which are safe, mild and gentle for your hair. This whipped and luscious bar is very nourishing, light and soothing for your hair, leaving them soft and supple after every use.

The key ingredient is the goodness of coconut oil which is rich in vitamin A and E, many anti-oxidants and with some great moisturizing properties in it. Not only this bar is good for hair but it is equally good for scalp and your skin too because it has organic skin care products in it .

These shampoo bars could be used on any hair type, as they are made from natural and organic ingredients which best suits everyone. The best part of these bars is that they even are very good for color treated hair, they retain the color for a longer period and help to overcome the damage done by these treatments.

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6- Lemongrass Hemp Bar Soap

Many people consider hemp seeds a superfood because of their rich nutritional profile and providing a vast range of health and skin benefits. These little, small brown seeds are rich in proteins, healthy fatty acids, including omega-3s and omega-6s.

They have antioxidants that may reduce the effect of inflammation on the skin and joints. These seeds have the ability to soothe and heal tired, stressed-out skin. Many dermatologists suggest it as alternative medicine for acne, psoriasis, eczema as it promotes new, healthy skin cells.

This is a very good natural organic body wash because it also has lemongrass in it. We use organic essential oil of lemongrass to put in this soap bar. Lemongrass have purifying properties which make them perfect for any skin care. This ingredient helps to remove impurities, detoxify the skin and leaves it feeling clean and clear.

This soap is best for the people who have oily skin as it controls shine and reduces sebum production naturally. This is also known as natural astringent and has some amazing antibacterial properties.

It's an important tool for fighting pimple-causing bacteria and thus heals wounds as well. You can use this soap bar as an organic pet care product because it fights with germs, bacteria and other outdoor challenges.

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7- Orange and Vanilla Hemp Soap Bar

This organic hemp soap bar has some special qualities of vanilla and orange, which are great for our skin. We obtain orange essential oils from orange peels which have high levels of limonene.

Orange essential oils are known for improving skin conditions, brightening and nourishing the skin. It has been linked to traditional medicinal applications for the treatment of acne, fighting bacteria and helps reduce oil on the skin.

This is also used as organic aromatherapy oil which helps in uplifting the mood and has a cheerful scent. Adding this essential oil in your soap can aid in improving skin texture, promoting clarity, radiance, reducing the signs of acne and other uncomfortable skin conditions.

This soap bar also is made from other ingredients like organic sunflower oil, hemp seed oil, citrus oils, dried peels, different nourishing butters, turmeric and vanilla bean. Vanilla extract and turmeric both have anti-inflammatory properties along with antibacterial, anti-fungal and skin clearing agents.

They help to calm and soothe the skin along with an amazing scent of vanilla which you may have been familiar with in many cakes and baking items. You can also take it along as camping body soap as it can help you fight with bacteria and bug bites.

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8- Mahogany Hemp Soap Bar

Mahogany is an African tree bark extract found in west Africa. Although it has many advantages for skin, this natural ingredient improves skin elasticity, reduces fine lines and wrinkles, and also aids in smoothing out pores.

It also promotes very good collagen production and new skin cell growth and is proven to make your skin look and feel more youthful and young. It also had some hint of citrus extracts and the goodness of bergamot. This soap bar is a blend of many other ingredients as well making it a perfect choice for any one.

The blended botanicals added in this soap bar gives it a maximum shaving and body experience making it a perfect organic skin care for men product. It comes in a standard size of 5.5 ounces and could be customized according to your requirements and private label.

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9- Almond Soap Bar

Almonds are known as the best nuts for its nutritional value and for its health benefits but they’re also great for skin. These bars are so nourishing, calming and soothing that you can use them on your body and for shaving purposes making it a perfect organic skin care for men. It has a very good combination of almond oils, butter and extracts in it which has the best qualities of almonds.

The chocolate powder added in it has extra skin benefits which no one can deny. almonds have good amounts of copper in it which plays a major role in skin and hair pigmentation. Linoleic acid, an essential fatty acid, helps prevent skin dryness and irritable skin.

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Our organic body care products are made with certified natural ingredients which make them super safe, mild and gentle, when applied on the skin and body. Our organic body care products and outdoor camping essential line like camping body soaps is a must buy for all of you who are planning any outdoor trip or vacation.

You can buy these soaps as a single bar or can even buy in bulk. you can get them for your brand label too. These soap bars come in standard sizes and are available in a huge variety that can be selected as per your requirements.