Pet Pampering the Organic Way: A Journey to Happy Tails

25th Sep 2023

Every skin absorbs what you apply on it, whether a body wash or any moisturizing balm, it all goes deep inside. So it’s advised to avoid all kinds of synthetic based products, instead go for natural and organic that are effective and safe. 

The natural skin care industry is growing faster than ever, just because people are now aware about the down sides of chemical based items. This is not just for humans but for every living being on this earth, including your pets and plants as well. Pets are your mates, loveable family members and for some people just like kids. How can you think of treating them with something that’s not good for them.

There is good news! MOOSEBERRY is providing one of the best natural organic bodywashspecially designed for animals that have some finest natural ingredients for your pet’s skin, avoiding any harsh chemicals in it, which is a good news for our environment also. 

Using  organic pet care products gives the pet owners not only the satisfaction of providing the best and safest products for their furry family member but it also gives a great satisfaction of taking care of Mother Nature simultaneously. We've mentioned two of the best products for pets that are not only helpful but give the best results.

1-Moose Berry Puppy and Dog Wash

Washing and cleaning on a daily basis is important because it can save you from many problems. It specially saves the pets from many diseases as they play outdoors in the mud and grass. If they don’t take regular baths, dirt and grime will reside inside their fur and deep down in their skin. Also many insect bites and parasites can make home in the fur. 

This natural organic body wash is going to be the best friend of your pet's bath time, just because it has so much in it to pamper and nourish their skin amazingly. This product is very gentle and mild to their skin and fur, with sulfate free formula and added with purest oils that works great for pet’s skin. 

This wash has low lather just like a moose that keeps the pet calm and cool. It’s vegan, organic, gluten free and non GMO, so what else you want to have other than this.

We suggest our puppy and dog wash, which would be a nice addition to your shopping list for your pets because it’s made up of all plant derived ingredients that are safe and healthy. Clean your pets and furry friends with this puppy and dog wash, clearing all the dirt and grime from them. 

This puppy wash includes finest ingredients that are coconut oil, safflower and olive, sugar alcohol, xanthan gum, natural gel preservatives which all aids in clearing the skin and keeping it moisturized, soft and hydrated. This pet wash has natural pet care products that end up in a great refreshing smell and calming effects too. 

It is available in lavender- lemongrass scent and also unscented too for sensitive pets. It’s a tear free formula that will not cause irritation in their eyes, so feel free while giving them a bath.

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2-Soap For Itchy Pets

When pets continue to feel itchiness, they can’t tell us but we can see a visible discomfort from their side which is disturbing for us. Sometimes they itch so badly that they actually hurt themselves, and blood comes out. Often it is argued that washing and bathing your pets occasionally can actually strip off the natural coat of oils and moisture from the skin, resulting in dryness, flakiness and itching. 

Itchiness could also occur due to any bug bite while playing in grass and outdoors. dirt could also be one of the simple reasons but whatever the cause is, itchiness is irritating which brings discomfort and unrest.

We have the perfect natural pet care products for the super itchy pets that are an instant reliever as well as very effective in curbing the reoccurrence. Itchiness is a painful thing, which keeps your pet unrest and quite irritable but there is no need to worry as we have a great soap for these itchy pets, which will take away all that itchiness in just one wash. 

This soap is manufactured from organic soap companies that assure natural sources of production. This soap is made from some of the most known anti-bacterial and anti-inflammatory properties of herbs like lemongrass, turmeric, tea tree, lemon and other soothing oils like coconut and olive. 

They are available in single bar as well as in bulk skin care bases too which are economical to buy. For best results apply MOOSE BERRY balm after it, to relieve them further and speed up healing.

This product is vegan and cruelty free, so all you animal lovers feel free to buy one for you and keep it at home and take along when you’re planning to go outside for any reason. Also our product is non GMO which means it has gone through stringent provisions for testing, traceability and segregation.

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Final Words

These four leg animals are our great pals with whom we stay, play and love. They’re just like our family members, and so we must take care of them properly. Giving the pets with the best natural products is their right on you and it's our responsibility to be concerned about our environment too. 

These natural organic body washes and organic skin care products are made from natural ingredients which are eco- friendly too, also are mild and gentle to the pets. However, it's recommended to patch test our products before using them, precaution is better in any case.

Even though our pets give us so much that we can’t really pay back, by ensuring the best natural food, medication, and products we can do something. Having pets is not only fun and games, they’re living things so we need to be mindful of that. 

Many pet owners like myself want to give their pets the best of the best by showering them with extra love and care without compromising on the comfort, efficiency, price or style. 

Using natural pet care products gives the pet owners not only the satisfaction of providing the best, most safest products for their furry family members, so, pamper your pets with these products and thank me later!