Best Organic Camping Soap and Other Necessary Camping Items for Outdoor Trips

30th Nov 2022

Many people are adventurous and like to go out with a group of friends just to have fun, have some excitement and add a little drama in their life. Surely, it’s a better option other than just wasting leisure time on smartphones or watching Netflix.

These are lifetime experiences and one must always indulge themselves in such outdoor activities. Many take their camping kits, clothes, food items and other essentials but usually forget to make a proper outdoor kit which will help them in both skin care and cleanliness.

Our natural organic body wash and outdoor camping essential line is a must buy for all of you who are planning any outdoor trip or vacation. They are made from some amazing ingredients that’ll help you keep your skin moisturized, nourished and super soft.

Also help fight with any bug bites, muscle soreness and itching problems while you’re out. So, do visit our site to know more about our products and order them online. Some details are discussed below as well.

1- Camp soap- bugs hate it, you love it! soap bar

This camping body soap is best and a must when you’re planning any outdoor activities like hiking, outdoor games, kids playing outside or staying out for any other reason.

Just take a bath with it when you are going out and this soap has some incredible ingredients that helps naturally repel the mosquitoes, flies and other flying insects that come near you and many times bites, resulting in inflamed and swollen skin. 

It keeps your skin hydrated and moisturized, with no chemicals or toxins present in it, keeping your skin safe and protected. Camping involves a lot of dirty activities where you get in contact with many germs, dust and other harmful bacteria too. Also camping is done outdoors and you may get infected or bitten by insects that are flying or crawling.

Our camp soap has some great ingredients that helps naturally repel mosquitos and fight with different germs and infections. They have blends of coconut oil, olive oil, sustainable palm, essential oil blend of lemon, lemongrass, mint, lavender too. also have comfrey powder extracts along with hemp and eucalyptus that are great in healing and curing.

Although it has many ingredients in it that are anti-bacterial but still this soap is very hydrating, moisturizing and soothing, when used on skin. also it has no chemicals and toxins in it that may disturb your skin PH levels and over dry it. you can safely apply on your skin, keep it in your outdoor camping kit and use it when required.

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2- Organic camp lotion or spray

When you’re outside for hunting, camping or for some other activities, that doesn’t mean that you need to miss your skin care and many are very particular about their skin too.

What If you get a really nice lotion or spray mist according to the weather, that’ll not only help your skin stay moisturized but also keep all kinds of bugs and irritable insects away from you, that could be harmful at times too.

This camping lotion is a unique blend of all the organic and natural ingredients that includes the nourishing qualities of coconut, jojoba and olive oil, which provides skin with vitamin A and E, have great natural antifungal agents for damaged and dull skin, they have amazing anti-aging properties too that help tighten the skin. 

jojoba oil is an essential oil which becomes safe to apply when mixed with any carrier oil just like coconut or olive oil. Our lotion and spray includes all goodness of essential oils, which are rich in anti-bacterial, anti-inflammatory and anti-fungal properties. Also it’s rich in antioxidants that help fight free radicals that are present on skin.

If you’re camping in autumn/winters or your skin type is dry, keep our camping lotion along with you in your self-care kit and if it’s summer and you have combination or oily skin, try our mist spray that is hydrating and soothing.

I’m sure you would be in love with our products and the best part is that their prices are very reasonable and easy on the pocket.

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3- Mooseberry bug balm

A balm is a soothing substance with an appearance that is not tough like solid and not very watery like liquids. They’re just like ointments, which helps soothe out our skin and keep it moisturized.

We usually get balms from trees that produce a gum-like substance usually known as balsam and you’ve often heard about lip balms that help cure your chapped lips due to change in weather conditions or maybe you drink less water.

You can instantly turn yourself into a repulsively unattractive human to mosquitos, flies, bugs and insects by applying this balm. Our ingredients and product is certified vegan and have no element of animal by-product or any animal abuse too. all our ingredients are obtained from organic sources which means they’re safe and gentle.

It includes the richness of coconut oil, shea butter, cocoa butter, soy oil, botanical plant waxes, argan, avocado, hemp, aloe, tocopherol and many more. They all have soothing and moisturizing properties that help heal and nourish your skin amazingly.

Also the essential oils added in it are hated by bugs and surely that’ll be loved by you. essential oils include citronella, lemon, lemon grass, eucalyptus which helps fight with bacteria and germs.

It comes in a tin packing and it is advised to keep the tin sealed when not in use, so the product doesn’t get wasted. Also store in a cool and dry place because a lot of heat can melt the balm, so always keep it close tightly.

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4- Anti-itchsoap bar camp and outdoor

Itching is scratching your body and skin badly due to any reason like from bugs bite, liver issues or any skin condition like eczema. It’s an irritable and painful condition, which if done excessively can cause wounds and even bleeding too. it can also occur to our four leg pets, making them restless and aggressive.

To avoid and cure this situation, Moose Berry has a great solution, that is their anti-itch bar soap! A must in your camping kit and even at your homes and backyards, which is best for everyone. The amazing part is that it comes at a very reasonable price, which is affordable for everyone.

Our anti-itching soap is made from saponified vegan soap base, which is safe and natural when applied on the skin and body. The certified organic oils include coconut, olive and sunflower oils in it that are herbicides, pesticides and additives free. Other ingredients include lemon, lemon grass, tea tree, turmeric, comfrey and jewelweed.

All of these have calming and soothing properties that help heal the wounds, are antiseptic and antibacterial, which means they not only protect and calm the symptoms but also helps fight bacteria as well. The oils added in it, hydrate and moisturize the skin amazingly.

The soap has a very zesty lemongrass scent that doesn’t give you the feel of any botanicals or medicated soap. This one soap is one of our bestsellers just because it's effective and relieving at the same time. 

People have given us great reviews regarding it, and many people are encouraged to use it because it has vegan and certified organic ingredients in it that are safe and gentle for human and pets skin.

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5-Organic sleepy time balm

Stress and sleepless nights is a common problem of our generation, even depression is being diagnosed even in teenagers too. That's because we’re getting away from nature and have indulged ourselves in many activities that are unhealthy for us. 

When we visit doctors they prescribe us medicines, which may help but comes with many downsides which aren’t good for the human body, especially brain chemicals. 

To overcome this problem, many search on google about what DIY remedies they could do to overcome these problems. What if we tell you an easy and effective way to cure it without any side effects?

Our organic sleepy time balm is a must buy for those facing trouble while having a good or deep sleep. This balm has all the right combination of ingredients that calms the brain, relaxes you and your stress levels. 

It has all the organic oils, shea butter, plant waxes and most of all power of essential oils which gives you the effect of organic aromatherapy and also absorbed by the skin that calms the nerves. 

The essence of lavender, orange and vetiver are all known to relieve stress, nervousness, insomnia and inflammation too.They have been added in a right balance that would not hurt you and your skin and will give you all the benefits one needed. This balm is vegan, organic and non GMO so feel safe and confident while applying it. 

You can keep it in your camping kit and also at homes too. The balm is way better than medicines and other practices.

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6-Organic warming balm

Outdoor activities are hectic and usually takes more physical effort than in our daily routines. That simply means more stress on muscles, joints and on our filaments too. This is because our body is not used to it and overloaded work strain results in sore muscles. 

Many people face trouble while sleeping and resting due to a lot of pain and restlessness in their legs and body. So to cure this problem, we have a very effective and safe option which is our organic warming balm.

To make this balm, organic certified oils are added along with shea butter and plant rubber waxes which are natural. They give you a very moisturizing and smooth effect on your body. 

Other than that, essential oils of black pepper and ginger are included which actually work like a wonder because they have a healing effect along with natural warmth in it. Both these essential oils have warming, anti-inflammatory and antispasmodic properties that help relieve and soothe muscle cramps, pain, soreness and fatigue too.

This balm when applied on the effective area gives you a natural warming sensation and produces some heat that helps relieve pain in sore, inflamed muscles. This balm comes in tin packing, just like an ointment which is when rubbed, melted and absorbed by the skin immediately and starts working instantly. 

So keep this essentially in your first aid kit when going out, so if you or your friend needed it, it’s there to help you.

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7-Organicanti itch balm

Itching is a common problem that occurs when you are outdoors for any activity or camping too. This is because there are many insects that could bite you, even some poisonous plants if touched or pricked could cause redness and itching right away. Severe weather conditions could also cause some skin issues as well. 

So to tackle and cure this problem, you must keep an organic anti itch balm which is made from all natural and organic ingredients that are safe and hydrating for your skin.

Just like the name mentioned which clearly states that it’s a balm that works on itching and inflamed skin. It has many ingredients in it that work on this problem as soon as it is applied on the effective area. 

The base is made from organic certified oils, plant waxes and shea butter while some very effective botanicals and essential oils are added, so they can give you some best results. 

Comfrey leaf powder has allantoin, a substance that helps make new cell growth along with reducing inflammation and treating wounds too. It also has jewelweed which works on itching along with lemongrass, eucalyptus and tea tree essential oils which have antibacterial and antiseptic properties along with calming effects too.

This product is vegan and cruelty free, so all you animal lovers feel free to buy one for you and keep it at home and take along when you’re planning to go outside for any reason. Also our product is non GMO which means it has gone through stringent provisions for testing, traceability and segregation.

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Final words

Our natural organic body wash are made with certified natural ingredients which make them super safe, mild and gentle, when applied on the skin and body. 

This outdoor camping range is specially designed for the people going out for hunting, camping or other activities. It has products from soap, lotions, mists and balms all which are essential for traveling to protect the skin. 

The customized ingredients target outdoor challenges like bug bites, bad odor, dirt and germs as well. These products not only protect but also keep your skin moisturized and nourished because of the organic oils in it. So fill your cart with our products, next time you plan for any outdoor activities.