Best Organic Body Care Products: Natural Body Care Products We Recommend Buying

23rd Mar 2022

Natural organic body wash is all the rage nowadays and rightfully so. It’s high time we all embrace Mother Nature with open arms and show our respect towards it. Our detour to synthetic products has cost us a lot resulting in various kinds of allergies, infections, diseases and most importantly the damage it has cost to planet Earth. 

As leading stars like Jennifer Lopez, Kylie Jenner and Sofia Vergara have come forward to show their love for organic products and the glow on their skin is proof enough that natural organic body wash are the best for us. 

Apart from that, people in general are being more analytic and questioning the authenticity of the products making manufacturers more mindful of the ingredients they’re using.

The market of natural and organic products has seen quite a boost in a very short span, which is both good and bad. Good as people are now more interested in going all-natural and bad because there are too many options out there that it’s hard to choose the right option.

Organic Body Care Products Your Body Will Thank You 

Body care products are very important to ensure our hygiene. The range of products are quite extensive and elaborated from body bars to body scrubs and body washes the list can go on and on. 

I have handpicked some essential body care products from Mooseberry that are organic, effective but affordable. Please, read below to check out our suggested organic products that will make your mornings refreshing and your night calm. So let’s dive right into it.

1. Body Bars

organic body care products

Body bars are like a staple item in every bathroom. They are used for washing hands and cleaning face and feet. The feel of lathering up a soap bar on a loofa makes us all feel that we have thoroughly cleaned ourselves of all impurities. Nothing can give you the same satisfaction as a soap bar can.

Keeping this nostalgia in mind, Mooseberry has a wide-range of soap bars that have exclusive scents, textures and organic ingredients. Trust you’ll never have a boring shower once you get your hands on Mooseberry soap bars.

I’m listing here some of my personal favorites like Holiday Bars in Modica chocolate, Sandalwood Vanilla soap bar, spearmint peppermint leaf soap, Rose petal jasmine soap bar, honey lavender shea and mango papaya soap. You can surely choose the ones that resonate with your taste.

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2. Body Scrubs

Body Scrubs

As much as we want to believe that after rubbing a soap bar with loofa on our skin we have done the job but there are certain impurities, germs and dirt particles that start building deep into our skin.

Simple soap and loofa aren’t enough to take them all out. One of the best natural organic body wash that’ll help to clarify and wash all impurities is body scrub. Use the body scrub 3-4 times a week, especially if you’re a regular gym goer or a sports person.

Mooseberry sugar scrubs are the perfect concoction of rich certified oils, organic sugars and kosher certified glycerin. This scrub glides on your skin without being too harsh on the skin, leaving it feeling so smooth, pure and smells heavenly.

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3. Body Lotion and Body Butters

Body Butter

The main difference between these two products is that the lotion is more breathable and light in weight, while butters are more heavy, dense and thick. 

Both the products provide moisture to the skin, which is stripped off when taking shower and doing the rubbing and scrubbing.

Mooseberry is here to give you options to choose from either a lotion that’s made of a custom blend of organic essential oils It can be applied all over the body. Some of my most favorite scents in this lotion are Vanilla Musk, Wild lilac and Apple quinoa. 

Next up is for people with dry skin that literally sucks up all the moisture. Body butters are available in a ton of flavors like strawberry, coconut and chocolate. These butters are whipped to perfection so get your hand on them now!

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4. Deodorant


The next step after bathing, scrubbing and moisturizing is to seal everything up with an organic vegan deodorant that makes you smell fresh and sparkly all day long.

Well, Mooseberry has the perfect hemp deodorant that leaves no trail of white residue behind. The hemp is a very important ingredient in this deodorant as it makes it vegan, natural and very long-lasting. 

You can get your hands on this and forget about all those foul smelling ones that burn the nostrils, make the armpits darker and fade away after a couple of hours.

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5. Body Mist

Body Mists

These body mists are made from a perfect blend of distilled water, organic oils, essential oils in the signature scent Cranberry Lake by Mooseberry. The mist is non-greasy or watery and doesn’t leave any marks or stains behind. Use these mists to smell refreshing all day long.

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6. Holiday Soap Bars

Soap bar is something that we pick up daily to get ourselves clean, fresh and crisp but what if you can get the goodness of a good natural organic body wash soap with a twist of your favorite holiday seasons. 

Well, Mooseberry likes to spice things up every now and then to make your morning exciting rather than boring and monotonous. The holiday soap bars are amazing, hydrating, soothing and full of holiday nostalgia. 

Summer is on its final leg and we are all set to kick start fall, so the hot buttered rum soap bar is that perfect bar to say welcome to fall/autumn. 

It is packed with buttery vanilla and a potent whiff of rum scent that will charge you up like a morning coffee. The warm burnt orange color gives the perfect fall vibe. 

Another fall soap, because why not! Harvest moon is our take on the spicy pumpkin smell that we all resonate with fall holidays like Halloween and thanksgiving. 

This soap bar is jam packed with organic ingredients like oils, kosher vegetable glycerin, pumpkin butter, spices and a hint of patchouli. 

The warm brown color is an ode to fall. Next soap is dedicated to everyone’s favorite holiday season, Christmas. The ribbon candy soap bar is sweet, colorful and the cutest soap bar ever! 

The all white base perfectly contrasts the green and red ribbon placed in the center of the soap.if you love Christmas, you need to have this soap bar! 

Mooseberry also caters your personalized custom soap request for loved ones on special occasions, like the beautiful heart bar, is perfect for valentines day, anniversaries and birthdays. The dried rose petals give the soap bar a perfect texture, while the organic coconut base nourishes your skin from within. 

So if you want to make the day of your someone special but also want to keep things creative, affordable and organic then our holiday soap bars are the best on the market. 

The price range of these soap is $9 but for customized soap you order in bulk at a great price. Organic body care products are the best holiday gift that you can give to someone and it will bring a smile on everyone’s faces!

7. Organic Toothpaste & Teeth Whitener

Our teeth are a very important part of our body and our personality. They can be the reason behind our care-free laughs or our restrained, introvert self. 

The markets are rampant with conventional toothpaste but they don’t have the effect that an organic toothpaste or teeth whitener can possibly have. 

Yes, you can go to a dentist and spend hundreds of dollars on getting that flawless smile or you can try our organic toothpaste teeth whitener. 

This product has all the ingredients that not only result in white teeth but also ensure your breath is fresh all-day long, your guns stay happy and your tongue gets to taste some nice flavors, not just that super minty, peppery flavor. 

The toothpaste has arrowroot, bicarbonate soda, mint essential oils, activated charcoal and other certified oils for best results.

People often have the apprehension that the natural toothpaste doesn’t work as they don’t get that foam. This is because the toothpaste has no sulfates in it. 

The granulated texture of the paste scrubs the teeth without hurting the natural coating of the teeth. You can apply it with your finger or onto your brush 2 times a day, for best results. This 2oz jar will last you a good time, so it’s surely value for money.

8. Creams

We all have applied the mass produced creams available at grocery stores but seen little to no effect. Well, these creams are all packed with ingredients that do nothing for the betterment of your skin, in fact they make it more pigmented, uneven and blemished. 

The solution to your problem is organic body care products like creams and lotions. Mooseberry offers cream-based soap bars that are a perfect substitute to the liquid creams as they are more affordable, long lasting, nourishing and soothing to the skin. 

The orange cream soap bar is the perfect soap bar due to its extreme moisturizing abilities as well as anti-inflammatory, anti-aseptic and antioxidant qualities. 

The organic vanilla and orange essence makes it a favorite among adults and children. The beautiful colors and textures of the soap also makes it a vision for sore eyes. 

9. Body Butters

Even though I briefly mentioned body butter above, they do deserve a spot of the limelight. Mooseberry offers a range of body butter that caters the need of every taste. 

Available in 4 different bases, the body butter melts effortlessly into your skin, nourishing, moisturizing and revitalizing it from within. 

The certified organic butters are whipped to perfect for that lightweight texture and smooth readability. The butter bases are banana, chocolate, strawberry and coconut with a variety of scents, textures and sizes. 

You can pick and choose a base according to your preference and enjoy the handcrafted goodness every morning and night. So treat yourself with this luxurious formula.

10. Sprays

Body odor can be embarrassing, demoralizing and quite humiliating. The commercial sprays and body mists give up on you within a few hours into the day but not the organic ones, you know why? 

The organic sprays and fragrances have distilled water, organic essential oils which retain their scent for a much longer period with diminishing or fading. If you want to keep feeling fresh, fragrant and aromatic all day long then your first choice should always be organic mists, sprays or fragrance by Mooseberry. 

The best part about these spray/mists is that they can be used on the body as well as on bed linen, yes! Available in a bundle of scents from lavender mint to honeysuckle sea salt, from Balsam pine to Rose petal jasmine, the choices are literally endless. 

These sprays don’t leave any oily, yellowish stains behind as they don't have alcohol so you can even use them on your white linens and dresses!

Why Should You Buy Mooseberry Products?

Natural organic body wash by Mooseberry are the best and top of the line. The products are all made with high-quality natural ingredients that are suitable for all skin types. None of the body care products are too harsh on the skin as the ingredients are plant extracted. 

Furthermore, the organic products offered by Mooseberry are very affordable. Skin care is a daily thing so it’s very important that you can afford it for all terms. Investing in a couple of products one time won’t cut it.

If you feel that your skin is losing its suppleness and collagen or getting textured then it's time to use natural, organic products to revitalize and rejuvenate it. 

Most of the time, people care only about their face, neck, hands and feet but they don’t pay much heed to their body. The skin is the largest organ of our body so we need to take care of it as one whole unit.

Final Thoughts!

Don’t let your body fend of itself, take care of your bodily needs and give it the love, care and attention it deserves. Use the above organic body care products and see how your body takes in all the care.