Best Organic Baby Bath Products To Choose From

25th Jul 2022

One of life's precious moments is when you become a parent and take your baby in your arms for the first time. All this happiness and joy comes along with full duty and extra care of the baby, whether you’re a newly turned mother or it's your third or fourth, the struggle is real. Every time the experiences are different altogether. However, when it comes to baby skin and bath items, we must pick only organic baby products because they’re made from natural ingredients.

Skin is the largest part of the human body which can absorb things to which it’s exposed so be careful when you pick different bath products for your little ones. Baby’s skin is super sensitive, delicate and extremely gentle, so we must avoid any harmful chemicals or artificial ingredients that can be irritating that can cause rashes, itchiness, skin reactions or dryness too. 

We must look out for the products that don’t have any artificial fragrances preferably unscented, parabens, sulfates, dyes, lanotin phthalates and avoid any conventional plastic tubes containing BPA, prefer only BPA free products.

Organic baby products are naturally moisturizing and soothing with natural aromas and smells. You must look for formulations that have soothing ceramides, oats, coconut or almond oil, shea butter, aloe and essential oils that can work wonders on your baby’s delicate skin. 

Thankfully, Mooseberry online store offers a natural and organic range of products for baby, men and women catering their skin, bath, shaving products along with products for pets too that are eco friendly and safe for your pets as well. They have a unique line of making customized soaps, which have great qualities for the skin. Let’s dig into our organic baby products that’re great and beneficial for your baby:

1- Natural sulfate-free baby shampoo/body wash

Your baby skin is very delicate because its epidermis (the outer layer of skin) is very thin as compared to adults. That is why it is more prone to many skin conditions like irritable skin, itchiness, redness, eczema and extreme dryness. This happens because of sodium lauryl sulfate (SLS) and other toxic chemicals which are a form of a detergent and give lather while taking bath. 

Our shampoo is sulfate free made from organic ingredients which comfortably cleanses the scalp along with that it moisturizes and hydrates the skin as well as leaving hair soft, smooth and shiny. The formula is mild and pure plant based which makes it a bathing treat for babies, because its formula is tear free too saving them from itchiness in their eyes. It comes in a bottle of 8oz and is safe to use this product while giving them a bath.

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2- Grape bubble bath

Bubble bath are fun and enjoyable time for babies, often for parents too when they see their little ones having some good times, laughing and giggling, but these are not at all advised for infants and newborns, only give it to the babies that can sit on their own, leaving only for 10-15 minutes for their bath time. 

Our grape bubble bath is made of natural organic essential oils including coconut, sunflower and olive which are nourishing and hydrates for your skin naturally. It also has poly glucoside, kosher glycerin and fresh black long and grape scent, all items are gluten free vegan and non GMO. 

For bathing, pour one to two cups in running lukewarm water and enjoy grape scented bubbles. Another best part of our bubble bath is that it has tear free formula which is extra gentle for babies because it makes mothers panic when a baby suffers from irritation and itchiness.

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3- Moose berry baby balm (organic and vegan)

Baby balms are a great way to hydrate and moisturize baby’s skin that’s pretty sensitive and at times flaky with dryness. Mooseberry products are truly natural and are non-GMO, gluten free and organic, keeping in view of babies sensitive skin. 

This product has some exquisite moisturizing ingredients that have healing products as well. The ingredients list consist of coconut oil, olive oil, sunflower oil, vegan body butters, aloe vera gel, vitamin E, jujuba, avocado oil and a very slight dash of lavender for calming effect. 

All these products are added in view to keep your skin soft and supple just like a soft fluffy bunny. This organic baby products is especially good for baby bums and diapers rashes too. so don’t hesitate to apply them on sensitive, private parts of babies as this balm is corn free, toxin free with no parabens in it.

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4- Mooseberry baby powder talc-free (organic)

As its name is mentioning that it’s talc free, but what harm does talc cause to the baby? Babies have delicate skin, talc powder can increase the risk of mesothelioma ( a tumor of tissue ), ovarian cancer and even can infect lungs when inhaled through air. 

So it’s not at all recommended for any one in any age group especially for the babies. Talc free powders also absorb all the moisture, but don’t clump together leaving your skin clean and comfortable. Mooseberry powder is made from finest bentonite clay and bicarbonate soda to absorb baby’s sweat and excess moisture, keeping them dry. This powder has antibacterial properties with toxin free formula especially designed for babies.

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5- Mooseberry baby wash (organic)

Baby wash are gentle and mild formulas that cleanses dirt and impurities from baby’s skin while giving them a bath. They’re definitely better than bar soaps because we don’t need to rub against the skin and also because it has balanced PH levels. use gluten, GMO’s or tear free formulations as they best suit your baby’s skin. 

Mooseberry baby wash comes in three different options, that is unscented, light lavender and chamomile calendula. You can pick what is best for your baby.

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Mooseberry baby products are specially designed for babies, taking in account of their skin needs and possible reactions too. All their products are GMO, gluten free along with that they’re vegan too. You can surely trust them for your babies and which come in affordable prices and can be ordered in bulk amounts too.