Best Natural Organic Products to Use Throughout the Winters

23rd Feb 2023

Winter is a season to be welcomed by many occasions like Halloween, Christmas and new year celebrations. This weather is warmed up by hot soups, coffee, beer, rum and many other festive foods to be enjoyed along with bonfires and BBQ parties outdoors.

While you enjoy this season for many reasons, your skin, if no proper care is done, can suffer a lot. It's because we consume more caffeine products and less water which actually dries out our skin and lips. Also this weather makes you a little lazy and you feel cold and clumsy.

The organic soap company must be used in winters to help keep your skin fresh, hydrated and soft. always use natural organic body wash to clean your face and body, so it must be kept safe from harmful ingredients that strips away moisture from your skin. Here are some essential winter products not to be missed, so have a look.

1- Whipped Sugar Scrub 4oz

Scrubs are great exfoliators which help remove the dirt and dead skin accumulation on the skin that results in dry, black patches. However, there are many different scrubs available for different purposes and uses and also for various skin types as well.

Our skin is very sensitive and if rubbed with a harsh scrub, which has hard exfoliating beads could even result in inflammation and a cracked, red surface. Your skin is vulnerable and so good scrubs are specially designed, that doesn’t hurt your skin layer and help in achieving the goal of a beautiful, clean and fresh appearance.

A nourishing natural scrub that gently buffs and smooths dry, flaky skin while locking in the moisture, making it an essential as an bulk skin care that you always keep with you.It's best to use this scrub before going to take a bath on the whole body, especially targeting areas like elbows, knees, ankles or parts with tough dark spots or patches.

It is made of organic ingredients like sugar, oil, shea butter, organic soap base from organic soap company and different essential oils to soothe out your skin in the best way possible. This scrub comes in various scents and can also be purchased unscented too, as per your desire.

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2- Organic Anti-itch Balm

You must keep an organic anti itch balm which is made from all natural and organic ingredients that are safe and hydrating for your skin. Just like the name mentioned which clearly states that it’s a balm that works on itching and inflamed skin. It has many ingredients in it that work on this problem as soon as it is applied on the effective area.

The base is made from organic certified oils, plant waxes and shea butter while some very effective botanicals and essential oils are added, so they can give you some best results. Comfrey leaf powder has allantoin, a substance that helps make new cell growth along with reducing inflammation and treating wounds too.

It also has jewelweed which works on itching along with lemongrass, eucalyptus and tea tree essential oils which have antibacterial and antiseptic properties along with calming effects too.

This product is vegan and cruelty free, so all you animal lovers feel free to buy one for you and keep it at home and take along when you’re planning to go outside for any reason. Also our product is non GMO which means it has gone through stringent provisions for testing, traceability and segregation.

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3- Organic Hemp Lip Ice Balm in Glass or Tube

A balm is a soothing substance with an appearance that is not tough like solid and not very watery like liquids. They’re just like ointments, which helps soothe out our skin and keep it moisturized.

We usually get balms from trees that produce a gum-like substance usually known as balsam and you’ve often heard about lip balms that help cure your chapped lips due to change in weather conditions or maybe you drink less water.

Mostly lip balms are used in autumns and winters because we experience dry, coarse weather and winds in these seasons but many dermatologists recommend it to use four seasons, throughout the year.

Lip balms give you perfect hydration and moisture, making your pout sexy and attractive. Also it works wonders when your lips become chapped and in worse situations cracked and bleeding too. This lip balm comes in a cute, small glass jar packing at a very reasonable price and the best thing about it is that it is organic, which means no artificial ingredients added in it.

It has some great qualities of hemp seed oil, as they have a rich profile of nutrients, menthol, organic waxes butters all of which are excellent moisturizers and aids in skin cell repairing. This balm after applying gives you a very cool and icy effect on your lips and if you’re facing any cuts, it will numb that feeling too.

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4- Conditioner Bars

A very common toiletry product seen and placed in almost every washroom and used by every gender, every age group is using it to wash and clean their hair after applying shampoo while taking shower, but have you ever realized, a product that is chemical based and which is used regularly, can be very harmful for our skin, body and environment too.

A commercial conditioner strips away all the moisture and natural oils from the skin, leaving it dry and chapped. Bars are easy to carry while traveling and don't have a chance of leakage and dripping. Whereas organic conditioner bars are also known as real conditioners because they’ve some amazing qualities in them.

These are super moisturizing because they’ve large amounts of hydrating ingredients that are skin and scalp friendly, leaving your hair silky, smooth and manageable. They don’t have any chemicals which are dangerous for our skin, they smell great as many essential oils are added in it and yes they’re safe and gentle.

Our conditioner bars come in different scents such as lemongrass, lavender or citrus which gives a very refreshing and zesty smell. You can also use them on color treated hair and it’ll not cut your color or destroy your hair texture, instead it’ll help you have shiny and lustrous hair.

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5- Sandalwood Vanilla Oil for Men and Women

This unisex oil is a great essential oil that comes from the wood and roots of east indian and African sandalwood trees. This tree is considered as one of the most valuable and rare trees in the world. They are known for its scent that comes from far away even. Its essential oil is prized in the field of alternative medicine.

Sandalwood oil has been known to treat the common cold, urinary tract infections, digestive problems, mental disorders and many other health issues. This oil is also commonly used in aromatherapy, which is sweet, soft scented and calming.

Its smell has a very relaxing and peaceful effect on our body, mind and soul. It helps promote positive thinking, brings clarity and aids in concentration.

Our sandalwood oil with a hint of vanilla brings out an amazing fragrance, and yes vanilla is not just used while baking things. This oil gives you some great health perks because of its anti-inflammatory properties, which helps calming nerves and managing anxiety too.

It can also be used as a skin healer that cures wounds and guards your skin against skin cancer as well. However, always buy organic essential oils which have great healing and soothing properties.

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6- Organic Shaving Creams

Mostly a shaving cream is used by men to clear their beard and mustache but is now also used by many women when they use facial razors for removal of their hair, which is a quick and easy way to get rid of dark hair before going out for any reason.

Chemical based shaving creams are usually very effective but they come with many down sides like skin darkening, allergies, irritations and redness as well. Organic creams are better, safe and gentle on our skin and body, so many dermatologists recommend them for daily use.

These shaving creams act as a barrier between blade and the skin, protecting it from blade sharpness and ensuring less friction too. It also makes your beard hair smooth which is tough and wiry.

They keep moisture in the beard hair during the shave, leaving them softer and easier to cut. This shaving cream is whipped to perfection with the finest ingredients added which are all organic and natural and gives some awesome results.

The best qualities of hemp seed oil, coconut oil, mango butter and shea butter all bring up a great shaving cream which gives great hydration leaving your skin smooth and soft. This cream is best for organic skincare for men’s items, so don’t forget to add them in your cart next time.

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Wrapping up

MOOSEBERRY is a great company striving hard to attain the goal of giving you authentic organic skin care products and also you can buy organic essential oils from here for different purposes.

These organic products not only help you in better skin care but also aids in a better environment as natural products are safe for our planet earth too. As the season changes, we should also change our beauty routines and as winter is approaching, we need to work more on hydrating and moisturizing products.

So select some best winter skin care products listed above that can build a great skin care routine and protect you from dry, coarse and dehydrated weather.

Another important tip is to use moderate temperature of the water to keep your skin better. Incorporate a humidifier indoors while sleeping to add an extra level of hydration while you sleep. To aid your best skincare haul, use the above products mentioned with consistency to attain best results.