3 Best Natural Pet Care Products to Choose From

30th Sep 2022

Let’s be honest here, pets are the best thing one can have in their life, they are loyal, friendly, loving, caring, full of life and so understanding towards their owners. I personally feel that children are overrated and pets are criminally underrated but thankfully that is changing for good. Having a pet can be so good for you in every aspect possible, in fact pets give you a holistic approach to life be it physical, emotional or mental.

The best feeling ever is that someone loves you unconditionally and pets are those creatures that will stand beside you in every thick and thin. Our furry friends’ give us so much that it’s time to make sure we also don’t do any negligence when it comes to taking care of them, agreed?

Well, if you’re on this same page then natural and organic products should be your focus when buying pet care products as they can make a huge difference in your pet’s health, nutrition, lifespan and quality of life as well. I know the variety and myriad of options make it nearly impossible to decide what products are the best and that’s where Mooseberry comes in with its organic pet care product.

Offering the best of the best in the most amazing price range is what we try to achieve and can proudly boast that have been successful in doing so. In this article I will be telling you about 3 such pet care products that are an absolute must-have if you are a dog owner, so let’s get started.

3 Best Natural Pet Care Products

1. Organic Puppy and Dog Wash

Pets aren’t just treated like family, they’re actually a part of the family and when we like to invest in natural, organic and eco-friendly skin care products for ourselves then why not extend the same level of love to our canine companions? 

An organic and all-natural body wash or shampoo isn’t just any other product off the rack, it has to meet a certain criteria and level of ingredients to get that certification.

Moreover these products need to be approved by PETA as well as Organic Food Federation. With more and more pet owners becoming mindful of the environment as well as their pets' health, the demand for the organic products is reaching an all-time high, which is great!

One of the must-have natural pet care products that I can’t insist on enough is the Organic Puppy and Dog Wash by Mooseberry. This product is amazing with everything that every pet owner, especially dog parents need to give their furry friends. It comes in a full size bottle of 16oz for just $16 that will last you a full month without any issues. 

Most of the time, organic products are on the pricier side but we at Mooseberry want to make luxury affordable without compromising on the quality one bit but squeezing our profits to make the world a better place for everyone. 

The Dog wash is pack with the goodness of some of the most safest, finest and certified organic essential oils, preservatives and moisturizers that will make your pet happy and gay! The amazing concoction of olive, coconut and safflower oils makes this body wash super soft on the hair coat of the dog. 

As the ingredients are all-natural, it’s safe and gentle on the skin leaving it so soft and comfortable. With no trace of any chemical substances in the dog wash, there is no need to fear any reaction on the skin leading to irritation or scratching.

You can find this product in a scent-free formula as well as in a soothing scent of lavender-lemongrass. The lavender organic essential oils will give the pet a long-lasting freshness whereas the lemongrass will keep the fur coat germ and Bacteria free for several hours.

With all the goodness already mentioned, this Puppy and Dog wash is also Tear-free, Vegan, cruelty free, gluten free and GMO free which is why we say that we love our four-legged friends and the environment!

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2.Soap For Itchy Pets

Scratching, itching, licking and vigorously shaking are all second to nature in all dogs. If you’re a dog parent then you’ll be just too familiar with it and probably rolling your eyes at me right now. But sometimes, in fact at least once in the lifetime of your furry friend, you’ll come across a time when this scratching and itching becomes constant and never recedes.

Well, this is when your dear canine-companion needs you to pay heed and give them love by bathing them with organic soap for itchy pets by Mooseberry. Constant scratching and irritating itch can be a nuisance not just for the pet but also for you to see the pet in constant struggle. It might not be dangerous for the pet but it’s definitely annoying!

Cats are more of an indoor pet but our dog friends truly are outside buddies who love to play in the garden, take long walks out in the open, roll mindlessly on dirt and sit out on the pavement.

This regular interaction with the outside world leads to parasitic bites, environmental dermatitis, nutritional dermatitis, hives and other skin allergies. The organic soap for itchy pets by Mooseberry is a great solution to all these skin problems a dog might come across at any time in their life. 

Regular washing with this soap or at least a thorough bathing twice a week is a great prevention every dog owner should do proactively. If you use any off-the-rack chemical-based soap or wash on your dog’s skin then it will only aggravate the itch and won’t do any good.

Pets are beautiful, lovable and so enjoyable even with a nasty itching, so take away the uncomfortable itch by bathing with the soothing anti-itch bar. Once you have thoroughly cleansed your four-legged friend, it’s time to apply another great product offered by Mooseberry-Pet Balm.

This is great for those troubled spots, providing instant relief and comfort. The light soothing scent of Lemongrass leaves a whiff of freshness all day long. The Jewelweed in the soap is a great protection against outdoor bugs and the best part is it's safe for us humans as well.

This soap contains small particles of walnut that give it a good rub and exfoliation against any harmful bacteria residing and hiding in the fur coat. The grittiness of the soap is quite mild but very effective. 

This soap is a great protection against poison ivy, poison sumac, and other nasty outdoor bugs. Get this amazing soap bar for just $9 and comfort your dog with the best!

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3. Organic Flea Powder

If you are a dog mom or dog dad your four-legged friend must have encountered parasites like fleas and ticks at some point in life. Both of these parasites are the most common pet care concerns in America currently as they affect the health of not only the pet but also the owner.

Fleas are wingless insects that nurture on blood and can jump as high as 2-feet. Fleas are omnipresent in the environment which means they are not getting away from them without proper prevention. On the other hand, ticks are also parasites but they feed on the blood of the animal like cats and dogs.

These belong to the family of arachnids like spiders and mites which can transmit many diseases through their bites and the most dangerous part is that both of these parasites are invisible to the naked eye.

But having said that, there are a few obvious symptoms for each of these parasites which will allow you to figure out the extent of the problem and take care of it. Excessive licking, biting on the skin, scratching, hair loss, pale gums, allergic dermatitis and discomfort are all the indicators for you to do something.

I personally feel that prevention is better than cure so the best way to prevent this problem is to apply organic flea powder to your pet. It is as easy as it sounds, apply a generous amount of organic flea powder to your pet every time it has done outdoor activities. Make sure to apply that outside the home and in the fur coat to each skin area.

Organic flea powder offered by Mooseberry is made with all-natural ingredients which ensure best results with limited effort. The product is EPA approved, is non-toxic and very effective against fleas and ticks. The flea powder can also be applied to carpets, beds and in the areas your dog spends most time indoors.

It is made with the best organic ingredients like Diatomaceous Earth, Arrowroot aka corn flour, organic clays, botanicals and the best thing is this powder is completely talc-free so it only benefits your pet, without any harmful side effects.

Just for $9 this powder gives serious bang for your buck and will last you quite some time. so make sure your furry-friend is at ease at all times, nothing disrupts the comfort and love you want from your canine companion by keeping it safe and free of all parasites.

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Ending Lines

Although I have just touched a few must-have items in this blog, if you start with these, your pet will be comfortable, at ease and so much happy that it would be palpable to you. Our pets deserve all this love, care and affection as they tend to give us so much more.