Baby shampoo is a tough choice to make as this one directly affects the baby’s sensitive skin, eyes and of course the hair itself. Organic baby products are the best decision you can make for your little one in the times when every other product is packed with harmful chemical ingredients. Our little ones don’t have to bathe that often but whenever they have to, they deserve the best of the best!

Organic skin care products offered by Mooseberry such as Sulphate-Free shampoo and Grap bubble bath are great products for your little one. You can trust these products blindly as they are made with natural ingredients which are far from any toxic chemicals.

Unlike the mass-produced shampoos available at supermarkets with all kinds of scents, ingredients and luring things, we have kept our product simple yet effective. The natural-sulphate-free shampoo and body wash is an excellent choice for baby’s hair and skin. It has a light formula that is free from all parabens, and is totally tear-free due the absence of any chemical in its formulation.

It will make your baby smell amazing, fresh and will also make it happy and soothed. You can find it in chamomile calendula and light lavender options or if your baby is allergic to fragrance then we also have an unscented version for you. The grape bubble bath is perfect for that deep cleansing bath, it allows the baby to enjoy the water, play with you and also get neat and tidy in the process. So show your love to your little one in the right way.